Flexi Tanks Solutions

AGSS are authorized agents for BBL tanks. BBL Flexi tanks are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands with their precious liquid cargo. We provide solutions for all types of liquid cargo from nn hazardous chemicals, oil and lubricants to sensitive and contaminable liquid such as food grade liquid cargo. One size fits all has never been our policy, helping you find a solution to meet your specific needs is what we do best.

Our Flexi tanks are extremely risk averse due to the rigorous quality control each tank has to go through in its process before it reaches our warehouses. Although our Flexi tanks are FDA approved and are made primarily from virgin polyethylene, we can trace the origins of every component down to the polymer level. This unique level of care enables us to guarantee your cargo from any leaks and taints.


Available in capacities of 10,000 litres (2641 US gallons) to 24,000 litre (6340 US gallons).

More than double

Represents more than double the capacity of pre-packages cargo.

Bottom discharge benefits

Bottom discharge flexitank ensures safer/quicker/more effective loading/unloading of product, minimising wastage and residue left after discharge.


All polyethylene RhinoBulk materials are fully recyclable.

Safety and reliability

Stell bulkhead system provides additional operator safety and reliability.

a- Flexi-tank services

  • AGSS ship cargo from or via the MENA region to anywhere in the world.
  • Our Flexi tanks that cater to the non-hazardous liquid cargo.
  • We offer end to end logistical solutions such as fitting, loading, shipping, custom clearance, discharge, warehousing and recycling or disposal of tanks.
  • Identifying the most suitable type of flexi tank based on your requirement.
  • Qualified technical team to find solutions on demand for any challenges during transit.

b- Advantages of using Flexi tanks

  • The tank is flexible by nature which allows for safer transportation of liquid cargo.
  • Installation and dismantling is stress free due to its lightweight and also the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Saves times during loading and unloading.
  • Food grade cargo friendly.
  • Higher liquid cargo capacity compared to drums and IBC tanks.

c- BBL Flexi tanks Specifications

Inner Bag Material

Item Method Parameters Units Test
Thickness 125 (each ply) Micron _
Quantity 4 ply _
Total Weight 30 kgs _
Tensile Strength 30 (TD) 35(MD) Mpa ASTM D882
Elongation at Break 550 (TD) 650(MD) % ASTM D882
Dart Drop 1400 GR ASTM D1709
Low Temperature Flexibility -25C _ _
High Temperature Flexibility 70C _ _

Outer Fabric Material

Item Method Parameters
One outer line of woven polypropylene with PE coating on inside panel. 215gsm+25gsm PE coating

d- Specialized loading and supervision

AGSS employs a specialized team to carry out the loading process. Should you require further assistance in unloading your cargo at the destination AGSS can arrange for that through our partners at an affordable cost.

e- Specialized cross stuffing solutions

  • Another area of specialty at AGSS is the solutions we provide for cross stuffing your valuable cargo from or to flexi tanks from any other mode of delivery such as IBC, Drum, ISO tanks etc.
  • AGSS Flexi tanks can transport a number of various liquid cargo. Simply send in your request and one of our dedicated technical agents will check the compatibility and suggest a size and type Flexi tank solution required for your goods.


Food Products Industrial / Chemicals
Flat Beer Lube Oils
Animal Oils Transformer Oils
Beer Syrup Concentrate White Oils
Caramel Coloring Silicate Binder
Egg - Liquid Natural Latex
Fruit Juices Synthetic Latex
Glucose Quab
Jam Polyols
Malt Extract Glycol
Spring Water Ammonium Thio-suiphate
Milk Base Oils
Water Cleaning Liquids
Sauces Detergents
Bulk Liquids Glycerin
Sugar Syrup Adhesive
Vegetable Oils Emulsions
Wine Water Based Paints
Corn Oil Hair Shampoos/Conditioners
Olive Oil Mineral Oils
Palm Oil Lanolin
Sorbitol Plasticisers (Limited)
Dark Soy Sauce Tall Oil Fatty Acid
Fish Sauce Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Optical Brightener Pharmaceutical IngredientsTi-Pure Rutile Paper Siurry

f- Disposal solutions for used flex tanks

Environmental responsibility is as important for us as it is for your brand reputation. Our services extends beyond the safe delivery of your precious cargo. We are fully equipped to handle the full recovery and recycling of used flexi tanks.