ISO Tanks solutions

AGSS also offers solutions for other liquid cargo in ISO tanks. These tanks are large stainless steel pressure vessels held within a 20 foot ISO frame used for transportation and storage of bulk liquids. They are long lasting as they are specially designed for re-use. All tanks, equipment and personnel are tested and maintained to the highest industry standards.

a- T11 tanks

  • AGSS work with a wide network of ISO tank owners and operators to bring the best solution to your door step for your food grade, hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid movements.
  • T11 tanks are more suitable to carry a large range of dangerous goods than any other tank.

b- Bitumen tanks

  • Bitumen tank containers are approved by international statutory authorities for the safe transportation of Bitumen, Asphalt, Emulsion and heavy crude oil.

c- T50 tanks

  • T50 tanks are qualified to legally ship liquefied gas and chemicals under pressure.
  • Dependent on your cargo to be transported ISO T50 tanks can differ in MAWP.

d- Special Tanks

  • Special tanks are available on demand with rubber liner for transportation of highly corrosive chemicals.